Who I am

Vitor Barbosa

Hey there :). I'm a passionated and _kind of werid_ brazilian software developer, amateur trekker, photographer, boxer and goalkeeper, proudly working for ThoughtWorks as Senior Consultant.

Working several years (almost 6) with many tech stacks, I've acquired expertise in many technical fields, like Low Latency applications, distributed systems and Cloud computing. I'm really passionate about what I do for living, from coding to maintaining. Currently, I've been into Data Science, focused on Machine Lerning

I've moved a lot inside Brazil. Today I'm living in Porto Alegre, but you never know ... If you are a head hunter, here is my linkedin

You can also find me on fb or just email me

Want some pics?

A couple of years ago I was like that

Today things have changed


Coding ( aka: What I had developed besides my job work )

You can find my public work on github here. I've always dreamed about being a recognized character in the community. However, I do have a 9 hours job that makes this kind of thing a problem. Nowadays I'm not being able to go on with my personal projects, but some day (I hope), I will finish them all.

vtrbtf's contributions



Everything you need to know about my career is on my linkedin

On my Github you can take a look on the complete resume



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